Save the World Foundation Evangelism Training School

Calling all evangelists, soul winners, youth pastors and volunteers!

Come and be trained to become an effective evangelist and servant of the Lord

Our aim: To train and equip evangelists and soul winners to lead hundreds, thousands and millions of people to Jesus. We aim to foster relationships with God, with people and solid foundations in God’s Word.

Our focus: Practical daily ministry to the poor, the outcasts and the lost


2019 Evangelism Training School will be conducted in Johannesburg, South Africa

Save the World Foundation Headquarters
48 Kingfisher Drive

Registration:   Monday, 11 January 2019
Time            :   9am till 6pm

Classes:      Tuesday , 12 January - Thursday 14 March 2019

Graduation:   Friday, 15 March 2019

9am till 3pm: Tuesday 15 January - Fri 18 January 2019:- Teaching and preaching by Pastor Jarrod Davidoff

9am till 3pm: Monday 21 January - Fri 25 January 2019:- Students' Practicals in Lecture Facility

7am till 12 noon: Monday 28 January - Thursday 14 March 2019:- Schools

1pm till 3pm: Monday 28 January - Thursday 14 March 2019:- Lectures

April to December: Students can stay on doing practical outreaches with the teams each day if they so desire.

The Story

God placed a vision in the heart of Pastors Jarrod and Lucinda to start an Evangelism Training School in South Africa that would share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone in our communities and the world. We wanted to make sure that all students could come and nobody would be excluded due to a lack of finances. The course is therefore provided for FREE. We therefore rely on the generosity and seeds sown by Christians who desire to sow into the vision of raising up evangelists for the end time harvest.



Those interested in the Evangelism training program should have a growing relationship with Jesus, a passion for the lost, a learner’s mentality and a desire to be a team player. He or she must be a selfstarter who takes initiative; and have a sense of the gifts and abilities God has given them.

Application for Admission

All interested applicants are required to submit the Evangelism Application along with a recommendation letter from the Pastor you are currently serving under.


Transportation to and from the Evangelism school will be the students own responsibility.


Accomodation costs are for the students own account. Students can come as day students and drive in each day if they live close to Cape Town or Pniel OR students can stay in the residences provided and pay for accommodation that is provided by the school. Accomodation fees will be charged upfront each month. Food will be included in the accommodation costs for resident students.