Our Leaders


Jarrod is the Founder and President of Save the World Foundation which was started in 2002.

Save the World Foundation is an International Evangelism ministry reaching public schools and reaching the lost for Jesus.

There are 4 outreach teams in South Africa reaching out weekly to 20 public schools and one outreach team in Orange County, CA reaching public schools.

The team have now lead over 4 million students and people to Jesus since 2002 in over 5000 school campaigns, dozens of mass crusadesand over 500 convalescent home outreaches in South Africa, Southern Africa and the US.

As a leader, Pastor Jarrod is highly regarded for his love of God and people, boldness and vision. He is well respected for his passion for the lost and for equipping others to reach the lost in their communities.

Jarrod grew up in a Jewish family and received Jesus in 1993 at age 20 as His Messiah.

Pastor Jarrod is a Rhema graduate from Rhema Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa and then served as the Rhema evangelist and a Rhema Bible College lecturer.
Pastor Jarrod joined and was mentored by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke on about 20 his crusades around the world (2000 till 2008). Evangelist Bonnke gave Pastor Jarrod many opportunities to share his ‘Jewish salvation testimony’ to crowds of up to 700,000 people in a single service.



Pastor Lucinda Davidoff is passionate about seeing all people find Jesus as their Savior and understand who they are in Christ. She is a beloved Pastor with a teaching gift, and loves to inspire and teach women how to live each day by faith.

Lucinda is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) by profession, where she worked for some of the top companies in South Africa and London, UK, before joining Save the World Foundation fulltime in 2008.

She also preaches in churches, school outreaches and conferences and is one of the main bible lecturers at Save the World Foundation Evangelism Training School. She also co-hosts their TV broadcast that appears on 6 Christian Networks in about 45 nations around the world.